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Bingo games have been around for decades – and even hundreds of years if you count the lottery-type variants that originated in the 1500’s. With the popularity of the game on the increase with every passing year, we examine what it is that makes the game of bingo so appealing.

Players have always been drawn to gambling pastimes, and bingo is no exception. The simplicity of the game is a major draw card, and players require almost no prior understanding of the game to get right in with the action. As a game of chance, no skills are involved, nor are players required to memorize long lists of mathematical calculations to turn the house edge around. Bingo is thus pure and simple gambling entertainment.

Bingo is also popular because of the variety and choices involved. While the classic form of bingo requires that players cover a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line of numbers on the bingo card before yelling BINGO! and winning a prize, today the options are quite endless. From 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo and multi line bingo to hundreds of different bingo patterns, there is truly something for everybody today. Add to that the many different online bingo sites that offer different themes, promotions and prizes and no bingo player will ever be left bored again!

While nobody doubts the fun and enjoyment there is to be had at land bingo sites, there is no arguing that online bingo offers a host of advantages that cannot be found offline. Take for example the convenience of playing on the internet. A bingo session can be fit into a player’s schedule at any time of the day or night. At the click of a mouse, players are whisked away to an active and fast-paced world of online bingo, where hundreds of other players are waiting to have a game or two. Online bingo doesn’t depend on the opening and closing hours of land-based bingo halls and players are able to enjoy their bingo games any time and anywhere.

Finally, many players take up bingo because of the social side of the game. Online bingo halls have managed to transport the comradeship and community feeling of traditional halls right onto their internet sites. Buzzing chat rooms, exciting chat room games and prizes, bubbly chat room monitors, player profiles – the options are endless when one considers what an online bingo site does to promote an active social network 24 hours a day. Thanks to these chat rooms and the promise of communicating with like-minded bingo lovers from around the world, players are attracted to bingo rooms and enjoy hours of fun with their new-found friends.  So important is the social aspect of bingo that many players openly admit to taking up the game for the social opportunities that it offers, over and above the entertainment, prizes and super promotions.

With these important social elements, as well as the entertainment, variety and excitement of the game, it comes as no surprise, then, that bingo continues to grow in popularity.

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