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While some people may believe that the game of bingo is reserved for the stereotypical image of blue-tinted grannies playing in dusty old church halls, the profile of a typical online bingo player has may have just thrown that theory out the window. If anything, statistics indicate that the average online bingo player is becoming younger and younger each year, as more players discover the excitement and enjoyment derived from this classic form of entertainment.

Several years ago, research showed that the average age of an online bingo player (male or female) was 40 years old, and it is generally believed that the number has dropped slightly with each passing year. Over 80% of online bingo players are between 25 and 55, with a surprisingly low percentage of online players over the age of 65.

Statistics about what makes up the typical online bingo player vary from research to research, but it is generally shown that more women than men play online bingo. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the game has traditionally been marketed as a woman’s game, and the influence of offline bingo cannot be denied in this respect. In addition, online bingo sites generally direct their focus to their main target groups – women, offering additional features such as recipes, player profiles and other fun areas.Online bingo sites such as the new 888 Gala Bingo focus on the female market and tend to offer prizes and promotions geared towards women.

Finally, it cannot be ignored that women tend to flock to online bingo sites because of their need for socializing and meeting new friends. In fact, many women say that they play online for the great social networking and chat rooms available, even more than for the games and prizes up for grabs.

Having said that, however, more and more sites are trying to attract male players, and images of men are appearing in bingo advertisements, while many sites are offering prizes such as tickets to sports matches and so forth.

According to recent research, around 85% of online bingo players access their favorite sites from home, and 50% of them play every single day. The advancement in technology and software allows players to enjoy convenience from the comfort of their homes, such as autoplay features and pre-purchase options – freeing up time while still enjoying bingo action.

Online bingo players are usually computer savvy and enjoy their internet gaming fun. According to Parlay Entertainment, 70% of all players who play at online bingo halls also play other casino games. Gambling operators recognize this fact and offer players the option of switching seamlessly from bingo to casino offerings using one account.

Players seeking bingo sites that attract players of a similar age and mindset should read the players profile available at most popular online bingo sites to see who they could be meeting. The beauty of online bingo, however, is that this game attracts people from all around the globe, from all walks of life, offering players the opportunity to extend their social network beyond anything they ever dreamed of.

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