An Introduction to Bingo

There are two popular types of bingo played around the world, and you can distinguish them according to the type of bingo cards they use. The game of bingo, as played in America and Canada, has bingo cards with five rows and 25 numbers. On the other hand, bingo in the UK, Australia and New Zealand uses bingo cards with three rows and 27 numbers.

The game is simple and a lot of fun. It can also be quite profitable as players get a chance to win bigger and bigger jackpots. Bingo is also an excellent way to meet new people.

During its heyday, bingo was played in casinos, churches, gambling parlors and bingo halls, especially in Nevada and New Jersey. Today, bingo is popularly played on the Internet over online bingo Web sites, and it draws people from all over the world.

In a nutshell, bingo as well as online bingo is played like a lottery, with all the players buying one or more bingo cards to join. During the game, a dealer draws balls with numbers from out of a container and announces these numbers to players. As the numbers are called, the players mark them out on their cards. The first player who is able to form a pre-agreed pattern shouts out "Bingo!" to let everyone know that someone has won the game. The dealer confirms the pattern on the card. Once the win is confirmed, a new game can begin. See bingo rules.

This explains the great attraction of bingo -- it is simple, fast, exciting, suspenseful and can be quite profitable. In bingo, you don't have to use a lot of strategic thinking or memorize any odds. You just listen as the numbers are called out and check whether you are getting any closer to taking home a cash windfall. That can be quite relaxing for many people.

People from all ages enjoy bingo, and bingo players are often connected by a close bond. People can join their own bingo clubs or boards, both online and offline.

There are many types of bingo games that can be played. At the start of a typical bingo session, players will start competing to form a single line, then two lines and so forth until they are trying to cover a full card, followed by a consolation full card.

A lot of players like to play with more than once card. Some of them want as many as 30 cards. As such, some bingo halls require the players to use adhesive tape to fasten their many cards to the table. Players also have special markers known as daubers that allow them to mark the cards quickly. In commercial halls, each number is displayed on a television monitor as it is called.

Bingo players have their own code of etiquette when the game is on. For instance, talking to other players or on your cell phone is considered rude. Using the dauber noisily or letting your cell phone ring continuously is also regarded as bad form. But don’t fret. When no game is being played, bingo players are quite friendly and it’s easy to strike a conversation with others.

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