Online Bingo Tips and Tricks

Online bingo may be a game of chance but there are still some things you can do to improve your chances of winning. The following tips will help you win some games and maximize your enjoyment.

1. Select the right cards

Most people like to change their bingo cards because of superstition. Sometimes that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in itself. If you don’t think the cards you’re holding have any chance of winning, by all means change them. But it turns out there’s more than just superstition to changing cards and it actually has some mathematical basis. According to math analyst Joseph E. Granville, the law of probability dictates that all numbers will come out the same number of times in bingo, if not during the same game, at least eventually. That means, if the numbers 3 or 4 or 45 or whatever keep getting picked, chances are they will stop appearing eventually, so select cards for succeeding games that don’t have those numbers. On the other hand, if odd numbers keep getting called, select cards that don’t have that many odd numbers. It’s a tricky strategy but it does have some mathematical basis.

2. Play on sites that offer the best bonuses

Not all bingo sites are created equal. Some have more to offer than others. Since it’s all about winning, why not play on those sites that offer the most attractive promotional schemes or even double-your-money bonuses. They’re sometimes hard to find on the Internet – especially since veteran bingo players are unlikely to reveal these secrets to you – but with a little diligence, you might get lucky. The quickest way to find these sites is to carefully read the numerous reviews of online bingo sites available online. Finding the site with the best deals and best bonuses is almost like hitting the jackpot.

3. Avoid overcrowded games

The games with the biggest prizes naturally have the most number of players, and sometimes their population can be quite huge. With so many cards in competition, the law of averages simply isn’t in your favor. And even if you do win, there’s a good chance that other players will win at the same game, which means you will have to split the pot. The best strategy is to join games with a relatively small number of players but which still offer significant prizes. Once you’ve found such a game, buy as many cards as possible to boost your chances of winning. That way, the percentages are stacked in your favor.

4. Be part of an online bingo community

When you’re new, there’s a tendency to jump from one bingo site to another. That’s not the best way to learn quickly about the game. If you’re new, try to become part of a regular bingo community and try to make friends. Eventually, other players will share the benefit of their experience with you and you get some wisdom for free.

5. Choose reputable online bingo rooms

Be forewarned: there are some crooked Web sites out there. You should only play at the reputable bingo sites. And how do you know which ones are reputable? Why, become a regular reader of online bingo reviews, of course. Stick to the sites that have a solid reputation for fair play and prompt payment. If you play long enough, you will eventually discover these sites on your own. But of course, at we have carefully selected for you some of the best online bingo rooms available on the new, whether you wish to play in UK Sterling, in US Dollars or in Euros, in english and even in italian, spanish, french and german.

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