Bingo Glossary

The following words and phrases represent the most common technical lingo of bingo, particularly for online bingo. These are only a sampling of the vast collection of bingo lingo that has been invented for the game.

75-Number Bingo
The bingo game that uses 5x5 bingo cards which is popularly played in the USA and Canada. A total of 75 numbers can be called in this game.

90-Number Bingo

The bingo game that uses 3x9 bingo cards which is popularly played in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. A total of 90 numbers can be called in this game.


To be become eligible to play in an online bingo game. Usually, a purchase of bingo cards acts as admission to a game.

Admission Packet

The minimum number of cards a player must buy for admission to a game. The number of tickets in an admission packet varies from game to game.

Bingo Bango Bongo

A bingo game for two or more players. He who has the most points wins.

Bingo Board

The display board that shows each of the numbers that have been called in a game.

Blackout or Coverall

The bingo pattern that involves covering all numbers on the card to win.

Buzzword Bingo

The bingo game that uses buzzwords or buzz phrases instead of numbers.

Cash In Prize

Refers to bingo games that have a cash payout.

Chat Games

Aside from the online bingo game, some Web sites also provide various chat games to provide players with additional chances to win prizes.

Chat Master

Also known as the chat moderator, chat monitor or CM, he’s the person who’s in charge of the chat room and chat games. You can differentiate him from other players because he chats using bold fonts or capital letters only.

Chat Room

The place on the online bingo site where players can chat and make friends with one another.

Consolation Prize

A prize given to player when no one wins the game in a predetermined number of calls.

Four Corners

The bingo game where a player has to cover all four corners of his bingo card to win.

Full House

The winning pattern where all the numbers on the card have been crossed off.

Hard Ball

The first number selected during a bingo session.


The Web site that runs the bingo game.

Inside Square

In 75-number bingo, a game where all the numbers under “I,” “N” and “G” must be covered.


The largest cash prize available.

Minimum Buy-in

The minimum amount that a player should spend to be eligible to win prizes.


When a player is only one number away from getting a bingo, he is “on.”

Postage Stamp Pattern

When a player has crossed off a 2x2 grid in any corner of the bingo card, that’s a postage stamp pattern.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot that increases over time if no one wins a game in a predetermined number of calls.


When numbers are called rapidly and the object is cover the entire card, that’s a quickie.

Single Line Across

When a player has marked off all the numbers on a horizontal line.

Six Pack

Six numbers in a block on one card.

Two Lines Across

When a player has marked off all the numbers on two horizontal lines.

Wrap Up

The last game of a bingo session.

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