Red Card Bingo is a great site for playing games online if that is something you are interested in. We recently did a review of the site to find out how easy it would be to navigate, as well as the offerings they have.  We found that the menu allows you to get the information you would like to have without any issue. You don’t even have to register to find out what the games available on the site are going to be. This site is out of the US, but is available to players around the world.

Games Galore

On Red Card Bingo you get a little something different when you play for real money. Some sites will offer you information on the games such as how to play them, while other sites make you register to unlock the secrets.  At Red Card Bingo we found that you can preview the games offered online as well as read the instructions for play.  There are four bingo games on Red Card Bingo. They are Captains Quarters, Dimes are Forever, Nifty Fifty and Penny Lane Penny Lane is a bingo game in which you can play for just a penny.

If the games are not enough, you can also play chat games in which you talk to individuals around the world who are playing in the same game you are. In these chat sessions you get to talk about anything as long as you are courteous and appropriate.

Prices of the Cards

Prices range from a penny up to a dollar depending on the bingo game you choose.

Promotions and Specials

Playing games are a lot of fun especially when you have jackpots to win. While creating a review of Red Card Bingo, there were promotions uncovered to help you figure out if this is the place for you. The promotions are spelled out for what is required as well as how long they are available. Some of the items are daily or only available on the weekends.

One weekend promotion is called ‘Beating the Heat.’ This promotion allows you to earn 10,000 dollars in the A2Z letter marathon.

There is a promotion with the Wild Ball Jumpin Jackpot on Captain’s Quarter as well.

Customer Service

It’s always good to know you have help when you need it, and at Red Card Bingo help is offered 24 hours a day via phone or internet.

Play online bingo at Red Card Bingo

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