Free Bee Bingo is different than other online bingo rooms. Most  online bingo sites will require a registration and then a deposit so you can play.  Free Bee bingo is the same, but what differs is that you get automatically one bingo card for free when you play. In other words, when you buy one you get one free. These types of promotion are usually unheard of in the online bingo world.

So other than the free bingo card, what might make this site something for you to enjoy? 

Game Options

The bingo games at Free Bee Bingo are some of the best offered as they are using the world's leading's online gaming software. But free Bee Bingo has also more great entertainment on offer. For example, if you wish occasionally wish to switch to a slot machine you have a variety of slot games to choose from at Free Bee Bingo.  These slot machines will have different reel options as well as different numbers on the paylines. If you know about slot machines, you will enjoy to know that Free Bee Bingo have the pull tab, video poker, keno and even casino games. Casino games are the most popular table games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and more. 

But of course, Free Bee Bingo is about BINGO before all, so expect to play your favourite game in a fun and extremely entertaining environment. If you need to learn how to play bingo or all these games mentioned above, you will be given a little tutorial when you first log on, so no worry. It might help you to choose the games you will have the most success with. 

Since Free Bee Bingo is mostly about playing bingo we will look at the options you have. You will be able to play the most popular 75 ball bingo for a variety of pricing options. But also games like Captain’s Quarters, Dimes are Forever, Nifty Fifty and Penny Lane.

Prices of the Cards

The price of the cards is going to be a penny, nickel, dime, quarters, or fifty cents according to the game you are playing. There is a possibility of spending more per round when you obtain more cards.  


There are several types of promotions and chances to win real money. For a start, you will get 50 free bingo cards automatically deposited in your account when you register. You can play bingo with these cards and win real money without having to deposit 1 penny. But you get more at Free Bee Bingo. When you sign up at Free Bee Bingo and make your first real money deposit, you will get 200% cash match. For example if you decide to deposit $25, you will get another $50 for free, so you'll have $75 all together to play with. If you deposit $100, then you will receive no less than $200 added for free, so you will have $300 to play with. Not bad...  That's another way of getting free money, it is somehow even more fun when you aren’t playing with your own money. 

Customer Service

The customer service department is there to help you in any way they can, any time of the day or night all year long.

Play online bingo at Free Bee Bingo

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