Bingo Card is one of the most popular online bingo room as they have one of the largest online bingo community around the world. If you wish to play real money at Bingo Card, you can deposit in US dollar, in UK Sterling or in Euros, this is one of the reason why members from many countries are joining the online bingo room everyday. This bingo specialist will not only guarantee you some top quality bingo games, but also entertaining and fun like nowhere else...


Some of the bingo games offered are chat games. These types of games allow you to talk with the other players while playing. Even if it is a bingo game you can chat to others while playing your cards. With Bingo Card you are able to play 75 ball bingo as well as 90 ball bingo. Some other bingo games include Captain’s Quarters, Nifty Fifty, Dimes are Forever and

Penny Lane
. Captain’s Quarters allows you to play in a chat room atmosphere which means you get to meet other members. 

Price of the Cards

Depending on the Bingo game you are going to be playing there are a variety of costs per card. With Captain’s Quarters one ticket will cost a quarter, with a max number of cards of 48.

Penny Lane
cost only pennies per card. All cards are going to be a dollar or under .

Loyalty Points, promotions & bonuses

There are several new things added every day at Bingo Card from promotions, news, entertainment, and much more. Bingo Card offers jokes of the day, quotes of the day, recipes and even the time and weather. On top of this you will have monthly promotions and daily promotions. There are also weekday and weekend promotions.

You also have one of the most attractive bingo sign up bonus: for a start, when you register an account for free, you receive $5 completely  free. You do not have to deposit any money, just register and your free $5 will be automatically deposited in your account. You can then start playing bingo... the money is free, but if you can win real money... And that's not all ! Bingo Card also offers the biggest welcome bonus on your first deposit with 300% catch match. For example if you deposit $10, you will receive another $30 free. If you prefer to deposit $100, then you will receive a huge $300 for free.

Is this all? No it isn't... There are even more bonuses available for you at Bingo card...

Customer Service

No problem, there, the customer service is there for you 24h a day, 7days a week. They can be contacted by email, live chat or by phone.

Play online bingo at Bingo Card

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